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Nada did beautiful work. Her designs were creative, aesthetically pleasing, and professionally done. She was also responsive and thoughtful in the way she approached her work, including updates, change requests, and staying in regular communication. Overall, she did an exceptional job. 

J.M. Bergen

Super professional and dedicated designer, it is a pleasure working with her. I have been working with her on several projects and always get beautiful, creative and professional designs. Thank you so much Nada!

Héctor J. Sosa Gómez

Nada is excellent. We will use her services again, as she brings not only professionalism and creative talent to a project, but her work far exceeds others in the design field (and I say that as a person that has worked in this field for 30 years).!


Michael Sedge, President, The Sedge Group

Nada’s skill and experience was beyond all expirations. She listened closely to the project requirements and worked collaboratively to design the most perfect cover for our book. It was obvious from the very beginning that she was experienced in both the graphic art tools used to create the artwork, but also in the esthetic qualities required to make an eye-catching cover ideally suited for getting the attention of the potential book buyer in both an online as well as in a book store setting. Her recommendations were spot on and contributed such a great amount of additional value. When posting this job, I saw so many designers with hourly prices in the $10 per hour range, and I seriously considered them but decided to go with a more honest, fair and reasonably priced professional with a well-established track record. Selecting Nada was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. She knew what she was doing from the very start and that was critical, because I did not, and I needed this additional guidance. All and all, I recommend Nada at the highest level.

Stephen Weber

There are professionals and there are super professionals. Nada is the latter in every way.


Robert North

Nada was EXCEPTIONAL to work with in that she was able to understand the vision for the project and come up with beautiful ideas of her own. I also admire her patience, passion for her work, and insight into the projects as well. I will definitely be hiring Nada for much more work (and am already doing so). She is a delight to collaborate with!.


Brad Wozny

She was extremely diligent and creative! She gave me more versions then I was expecting. She was timely and very intentional with her work. She helped me understand the process very clearly. I can't say enough about her work and her professionalism. I will be using her again for sure!


Roni Roehlk

Highly recommend this designer for any book or graphic design project you have in mind.


Erica Glessing

So you'll read things like "Nada did a great job and communicated well" etc on other feedback. It's all true. It's difficult to convey just what a pleasure it was working with her - words seem so feeble on occasion. She offered design after design and variation upon variation quickly and efficiently. Her communication was top-notch and she was always quick to respond. She was flexible and willing to help. It makes SUCH a difference to be able to trust in a far-away contractor and that's what you'll get with Nada. You can trust that she will deliver. There isn't more powerful praise I can give. Would I use her again? In a heartbeat. Would I recommend her? You bet. Thank you, Nada, for such a smooth job and for the excellent outcome. All the best. Mark


Mark Grint

Nada is a talented designer. Our team was very pleased with her work. Our product was produced in five languages, creating unforeseen difficulties. Nada patiently walked us through the process, going above and beyond what I expected. She was willing to do whatever it took to complete the job to our satisfaction. It was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Nada to others.


Michael Walsh

As always loved to work with Nada. She goes above and beyond, is knowledgeable and goes the "extra step." We have been working with Nada for years, and we are not even looking somewhere else cause it's not needed as she delivers flawless work.


Julian Hosp

Nada is my go-to freelancer every time I need web and graphic design. She's an extremely talented artist, and a great communicator, who always works with me to make sure I get exactly the design I'm looking for. I look forward to working with her again soon!


Ben Thomas

Fantastic graphic designer and artist. Exceeded my expectations and was able to meet my requirements with ease. Nada will definitely be my freelancer of choice for any future projects!


Charity Angel Kerr

Fantastic work. Helpful and goes beyond the contract. Knowledgeable and communicates regularly.
The highest quality of work...


Ken Carroll

Nada was great to work with. Her work far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend her.


Tamara Letourneau

The second book cover is done, and soon starting a contract for book three! Nada is fantastic!


Gautam and Vidisha Chandna

Nada is a gem. A truly exceptional professional and a helpful guide and goes above and beyond her call to help you. She would take pains to explain to you, educate you. Honestly, there are few such kind human beings who are also talented professionals. A lucky find on Upwork I would say! Saal"


Sulaiman Bharwani

Nada listened to what I was thinking, took my ideas as the starting point, and returned designs that were well beyond what I could have imagined. I am extremely pleased with the results. Working with Nada has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to working with her again.


Muffie Webie Waterman

From the initial contact when Nada answered my job request, she showed her strengths. She had questions for me and gave me insights into what she would or could do with the job I had requested. As we got underway, Nada understood instinctively the look I wanted for the cover of my book. She was very prompt in answering emails which assured me that she was responsible and professional and that she would get the job done. I'm so glad I chose her and would definitely work with her again.

Rita Vehon

Very creative, open, supportive, diligent, intelligent and accommodating. empower her to create and she will surprise you. Trust her ability and she will bring your unspoken idea into life. working with Nada is a treat. I recommend her to anyone interested in quality work.

Saber Fatnassi

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