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Nature photography

I began taking pictures using a film camera twenty years ago. It took me a while to save up for an entry-level DSLR, and when I was finally able to acquire one, I was so busy with work that I had no time to use it.
When the pandemic hit, my workload increased. However, not being able to interact with people in person gave me more time for relaxing nature hikes. I'm fortunate to live next to a tiny urban forest where I can see a variety of birds, squirrels and insects.
I find it difficult to carry heavy equipment, so I am limited to using only 250mm lens. It is challenging to capture smaller birds, but I try my best to get as close as I can. In the winter, having a bird feeders on the window was very convenient. For me and for the birds :-) 
Each photograph of an insects in gallery was taken with a 250mm lens.
Photography enabled me to make art while taking a walk.
Drawing, painting, and design are all done while sitting, while photography is done while I am active and exploring my neighborhood.
In my city, I've learned about trees, flowers and animals. And I hope to do more exploring on future trips.
My next spring time quest would be find jumping spiders and take photos with macro lens of those adorable creatures.

More photos coming soon, there is a lot to upload :-)

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