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Ai Generated art for
book cover design

I am using an AI software to generate ultra-realistic graphics from word descriptions.
Creating anything from fantasy characters, dragon, breath-taking landscapes, and captivating magical objects.
Allowing me to assist you bring your idea to life.
I can design a scenery graphic for you based purely on your stated description.
Or, a charterer based on your descriptions.
If you give a more general idea, the AI will have more freedom to be creative, which could result in some captivating and unique results. If you have a specific image in mind, you can provide a more detailed description to guide the AI's output.


I will not have full control over the design process because the output images are based on trained values. During the process, I cannot directly perfect everything down to the smallest detail.
If I am generating an fantasy person from the novel. I can give general guidance of clothing, appearance, hair color, atmosphere, place, lighting and overall artistic style.

But I can not influence details like certain part of clothes or magical wand/sword of specific look in the hand. Those can be generated additionally and applied to the scene in Photoshop.

If you like some of the images from the gallery they can be used for your cover art with some adaptations applied to make it unique for your needs.


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